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Anxiogenic Vapor
Birthday goodies 
10 24 12
Yay, presents! For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I got:

+ William Gibson's Neuromancer (currently reading)

+ baby yeti plushie (so cute!)

+ replacement earrings for the Zoa Chimerum black spiked spiral earrings that I lost

+ some jewelry by CHRISHABANA: the Five-in-One Funeral Necklace (much more beautiful in real life), Thorned Peace Sign Necklace (very heavy, not to mention spiky, but lovely nonetheless), and the False Idols Necklace (image below)

+ Erotica Dress from Religion

+ the Fractal Dimension Hooded Dress (my favorite dress ever right now; so comfy, warm, and unique; I love the neckline!) and hoodie with bone pin from Nuit

+ a new digital camera

+ Dollhouse seasons one and two

+ an adorable black PVC garter belt with corset lacing and tiny bat wings on the back, hand-made by my friend who is an intern with Idolatre Clothing (she also treated me to some amazing chocolate-dipped strawberries at Dilettante)

+ ten million packs of gum (deposited on my desk at work when I arrived in the morning) :D { a veritable smorgasbord of assorted kinds and flavors }

I went to Portland that weekend for a mini-trip. One of the best places I visited there was Powell's City of Books, which is very impressive, sprawling, and enormous, like a sort of bookstore analog of Scarecrow Video in Seattle. I picked up a copy of Crime and Punishment, as well as a Shirley Jackson collection. There is also a rare books room; I get excited when I hold a 70-year-old book in my hands, so fancy my delight at the leather-bound 16th-century diaries and books behind display glass there!
10 24 12 (UTC)
happy belated birthday
10 25 12 (UTC)
Thank you! I feel really old now. ^.^
10 26 12 (UTC)
haha careful who you say that to ;)
10 26 12 (UTC)
Happy birthday! I really like the thorn necklace.

10 26 12 (UTC)
Yay, fish ice cream!
11 05 12 (UTC)
Hello old friend. very late on the birthday train but still I am sending my regards :D

I love looking at everything you ever buy or receive from people. Its just effing magical and shadowy and wonderful. I can only imagine what your room is like back home. It would be like an adventure into gothic lolita wonderland :D

And i would kill someone to stand in that rare book room. js XD

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