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Anxiogenic Vapor
02 07 13
Last week I sat with my friend for three hours at Slave to the Needle, where he was getting an existing tattoo on his arm added to. It didn't feel very long, though; I finished reading a book. (By the by, I just read Crime and Punishment for the first time! An old copy from the '50s I got from Powell's City of Books on my trip to Portland.) It's a meandering, delicate tattoo of branches, flowers, leaves, a beetle, and a bird.

I don't remember when this was exactly, but I went to the cemetery, and the little conservatory in the park, where I checked out the carnivorous flowers, and then had some amazingly creamy chocolate chai at Tea Republik.

Last night I went to the Emilie Autumn F.L.A.G. show, but sadly, we were very late... I was hoping they wouldn't get on stage until 45 minutes past schedule as they have before, but I think they must have started exactly on time, because when we got there they were at least halfway through the show. Even so it was a short show by their standards. I remember every past EA show being at least three hours long, maybe even longer. They feel very, very long (not in a bad way; in a magnificent and delight-prolonging way!). I think they basically played through the new album, without any Opheliac material. It was all new costumes and props, around the concept of the asylum. "Scavenger" is one of my favorite and most atmospheric songs off the album, and during that track Captain Maggot came out on stilts, in a black plague mask, evil-looking, long black claws, and these long, tattered, black/dark gray rags, like cerements, and slowly came up behind Emilie and grabbed her by the shoulders...
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