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Anxiogenic Vapor
11 05 12
I saw Grimes perform at Neumos on the 16th of October. She was good as always, but I kind of missed the intimacy of the Austra show that she opened for when I saw her last year. She has such a larger following now. I couldn't even really see her clearly as I was near the back of the room as Neumos is always too fucking loud, to the point of distraction and fear for the eardrums. She's so adorable. I met this young fellow who I'd talked to online before, he said he knew Grimes/Clare when she was a student at his college. She was a year or two below him, and he was working as a server in the cafeteria, and he said that she was "bizarre" in her social interactions, a "weird little girl," very "particular," that some people could be a bit awkward while still being charismatic, but she wasn't one of them. But I find her very charismatic. Ivan says I am charismatic, but I am shy and don't like to show it.

On the 25th of October I saw Crystal Castles.

I had to give my ticket to the Leonard Cohen show to Nick because I'll be out of town then and I totally forgot about the concert before I planned my trip. :(

Last Saturday I went to Ivan's Halloween party. I was dressed as a wolf.

That Sunday I saw a lovely aerial dance show, Beneath a Wing-Darkened Sky, put on by the Cabiri dance troupe. They did pieces based on ancient mythology, which were interpretations of the myths but modern, creative, dark, and atmospheric. This show is part of their annual "Ghost Game," inspired by the Edo-period Japanese tradition of lighting 100 candles in a room and telling ghost stories all night, blowing a candle out after each story, while the stories became increasingly disturbing and the room grew darker and darker. It was beautiful, haunting, and very interesting. We also got to eat some amazing chocolate mousse during the show.

On Halloween night proper I went to Cabaret Macabre at the Columbia City Theater. I love that venue, and I saw some of the most impressive, magnificent, intricate, and lovely costumes there.

Last Thursday I met up with Alden at Bauhaus Cafe. I admired the moth tattoo on his wrist, we talked for two, two-and-a-half hours about silent movies, Von Trier, teeth-dreams, online personas versus real-life selves, collage-making, and social ineptitude.

Friday I went to the Mercury. I wore the PVC garter belt that Emily made for me for my birthday as part of my outfit.

Saturday I went to Roq La Rue Gallery because it was the last day of Marco Mazzoni's River of Milk show and I'd wanted to see it in person. Afterwards I got a yummy raspberry Italian soda with cream and a Yellow Leaf cupcake with delicate frosting at Bedlam Coffee. That night I went to Dark Cabaret for the Dead at JewelBox Theater.

On Wednesday I'm leaving for a week-long trip to Florida! I will probably be going to Disney World and hopefully the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando.

I kind of want a tattoo, but I'm not sure what to get.
11 06 12 (UTC)
I like Grimes... though I've only heard maybe 5 or 6 of her songs. I got pretty obsessed with "Oblivion" for awhile. I'd say I only discovered her maybe six months ago though. She reminds me of Bjork quite a lot.

Yay for Crystal Castles too! And garter belts, cupcakes, and your entire conversation with Alden also sounds fantastic haha

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