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Anxiogenic Vapor
02 11 13
I woke up in the middle of the night, got up, and was walking towards a room, and when I stopped at the doorway, looking in, I saw a "vampire" girl lying in the middle of the floor, nude, bluish-gray skinned, almost corpsey looking, impossibly skinny and the angles of her body were distorted, her elbows and bones stuck out too much and she was long; there was long black hair falling over her face and covering it entirely so you couldn't see it at all, and she was curled up and writhing on the floor like some kind of wounded creature, her back all bent and arched in an extreme semicircle, she was latched onto and sucking from the back of a human being, a naked man, and making these...ragged, gasping noises. Moving and writhing unnaturally, slowly, and she sounded like somebody dying, someone unable to breathe...
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